Best Hanging Punching Bag Reviews: Guide for Choosing the best Heavy Free Standing Bag in 2016

For a lot of fighters, punching bags are the best stress relievers and the best way to cure a bad day. There is nothing better than hitting the bags after a long day. For some it’s a lot easier to have a punching bag at your home than to drive all the way to your gym, or for others, they just want the piece, quiet and privacy of their own home. There are a ton of punching bags but you are going to want the best one that could stand a beating for a long time.

Having a good heavy punching bag allows you to get better as a fighter. Buying a bad one, can break some wrists and hurt your wallet, so it’s really important to know which brand and which style you need for your style of fighting.

This guide will give you the necessary information to choose the right bag for your budget, training, and skill level. You will find out what you truly need and what not to get.

This guide will go over the best hanging boxing bags, but you can also click here for the best free standing bags that you can check out.

I also like to recommend checking out boxing and fighting forums, to learn more tips and tricks on technique and from.

Best Heavy Bags that can take a Beating

Bag NameWeightFill MaterialOutside Material 
Outslayer Boxing MMA 100 BagDifferent weights availableSpecial shredded materialHeavy Duty VinylCheck Price
Outslayer Muay That Heavy Punching bagDifferent weights availableSpecial shredded materialHeavy Duty VinylCheck Price
Title LiquiShock Foam & Water Heavy BagDifferent weights availableFoam, tpu, waterHeavy Duty VinylCheck Price
Title Classic BagDifferent weights availableFoam, tpu, waterPUCheck Price
Ringside Powerhide Heavy BagDifferent weights availableFoamPowerhideCheck Price
Ringside Muay Thai Heavy BagDifferent weights availableFoamLeatherCheck Price
Ringside Leather Heavy BagDifferent weights availableFoamLeatherCheck Price
Everlast C3 Foam Punching BagDifferent weights availableCloth, SandSpecial padded foam, Poly canvasCheck Price
Everlast Nevatear Heavy BagDifferent weights availableCloth, SandPoly CanvasCheck Price
Century Wavemaster 270High density foamCheck Price
Century Bob270High density foamCheck Price

1. Outslayer Boxing MMA Heavy Bag

Only the hardcore MMA and boxing fans will know of Outslayer, they make some of the best fighting equipment and gear around, and their punching bags are the best in the business we think. They offer a great warranty with all their bags and they are built with the best quality.

Aesthetically they look great, its designed in the USA.

They fill their bags with shredded fabric so it feels uniform all around.

Our top pick for the best punching bag in 2016.

2. Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag

Just like their boxing heavy bag, the Muay Thai bag is made of the highest quality material, and is backed by Outslayers warranty.

If you want to mix up your stand up game, the Muay Thai bag is for you, letting you punching and kick the bag.

Make sure you have a lot of head room in your house though, as this bag is a lot longer than the regular heavy bag.

3. Title LiquiShock Foam & Water Heavy Bag


Types of Punching Bags for every style of Fighting

Fighting has grown in such a huge way, from boxing to muay thai to MMA. Just like different fighting styles there are different punching bags to go with that. Some are good for one specific style and some are good for multiple.

To help your decision we will go over all the different bag types that are on the market today. We have outlined the benefits for each and how to utilize them.

Hanging Heaving Bags

Most of the bags you see in movies or in most pop culture are heavy bags. There are lots of these on the market, which make it hard to choose from.

The heavy bag is still the chose bag for most athletes who want to get in shape.

The heavy bag is a big stuffed bag made of premium leather or vinyl material. They can weigh between 40 to as much as 140lbs. They are used by many different fighting styles, but they are boxers favourite punching bag. Heavy bags are great for building your punching power and improving your technique. Don’t be fooled, punching a heavy bag is a serious workout, it will greatly build your strength and stamina in the gym.

It’s a simple piece of equipment but it delivers an amazing workout. It simulates bobby and weaving of a fighter while punching, giving you a more realistic training simulation.

The hanging version of the bag is hung either from a beam or you can purchase a mount for it. You can also purchase free standing heavy bags which we will talk about next.

One benefit of the hanging version, is that it requires a little more footwork on your part.

A downfall to a hanging punching bag is if you have no room to mount or hang it, as it requires some clearance.

Top 5 Most Durable Hanging Punching Bags

Free Standing Heaving Bags

These types of punching bags are great for fighters who don’t want to hang anything, or are not allowed to hang anything.

They are easy to move around and tuck away. A benefit of free standing over hanging is if you lack the space.

Also they are great for not just boxers, but they also work as ground and pound mma bags. You can lay them down and practice your ground game.

Standing punching bags are weight at the base, you can fill them with water or with sand.

Top Free Standing punching bags

Kickboxing and Muay Thai Punching Bags

Kickboxers need a longer bag to hit, they need to practice different levels of kicks. This is why they have longer bags to use.

Boxers are still able to use them , but wont fully utilize them as well as kicking strikers will.

These bags are a must if you want to fully develop your kicking.

They are found in different weights and sizes just like heavy bags.

Top 5 Muay Thai Punching Bags that will last

Uppercut punching bags

These are great secondary bags to get to practice your different techniques. If you want to master the Mike Tyson like uppercuts, than be sure to pick one up.

These bags are mounted horizontally, so fighters can practice strikes at waist level.

Some of these bags can attach to heavy bags or can be mounted separately.

Best Uppercut Training Bags

Speed Bags

Speed bags are the most smallest and lightest of all punching bags.

Where heavy bags develop your strength as a fighter, speed bags develop your skill and timing. Hitting speed bags take a lot of focus and not just brute strength. They develop your focus, coordination and speed.

Just because it is small doesn’t mean it is less of a workout, you gain great cardiovascular strength with these.

In conjunction with a good heavy punching bag, you will have an awesome training setup to practice your punching.

Tips for choosing the best punching bag

Here are our tips for choosing the best bag for your fighting style.

Main things to consider when you  buy a punching bag is the bag type. You need to decide if you are going to go with the hanging or free standing bags. After that you will need to find the best weight and then choose your preference of the fill material.

Choosing a free standing or Hanging punching bag

As mentioned earlier, hanging bags are the most common version of the heavy bag. When choosing a hanging bag, make sure your home is capable of hanging one.

Hanging bags offer a more realistic sparring session, versus the free standing bags. They are also less expensive.

Again the downside to a hanging bag is it is more or less permanent. You can move it later, but you are then drilling and mounting new holes in your ceiling. This is the benefit of the free standing punching bags. They are a lot easier to mobilize and store away.

Best heavy bag weight choice

Depending on your strength and skill level, will determine your bags weight. If you get too light of a bag it will sway and move way too much. Too heavy of a bag and you run the risk of breaking some bones.

I recommend getting a bag that weighs half as much as you do. So if you are a heavy weight and weigh 200lbs get a 100lb bag.

Punching bag Fill material

Have you ever wondered how a punching bag was made? Back in the day they used to be filled with sand. Sand is a great fill material but it does lump up and make your bag inconsistent to hit.

Most bags now a days are filled with fiber, foam or water, still sand as well.

Water punching bags are great because it is really realistic, it mimics the human body amazingly.

Fiber and foam are great too, they are evenly distributed and offer the same feel all around the punching bag.


Check out Manny Pacquiao, doing work on this heavy punching bag. One of the greatest fighters of all time.